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5 Simple Reasons to Wrap Your Boat

  • Easy Maintenance

    Gel coats sucks to deal with and all boat owners know this. A wrap is as simple as just washing it.
  • Customizability

  • Quick installation compared to paint

  • Wrap Everything?

    Yes you can, From Exterior to interior everything on a boat can be wrapped.
  • Temporary/Reversible


Carpet Graphics

IMG_1433 BW

Our carpet graphics are a perfect fit for boats, using an aggressive adhesive and the industry leading non-slip textured laminate you can rest assured you will have a great looking high traction graphic.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Completely customizable color and size. Not just packages
  • Easy to install

  • Sponsors

    Give all your sponsors a chance to shine
  • Decals

Wrap Packages

Bass Boats

21′  –  $1845
20′  –  $1770
19′  –  $1695
18′  –  $1620

Deep V Boats

20′  –  $3055
19′  –  $2925
18′  –  $2795
17′  –  $2665

Partial Boat Wraps

Contact us to get started

Boat Decals

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Boat Trailers

Fenders  –  $500
Trailer Frames based on size

Carpet Packages

Rod Lockers

2 Decals $125

Front Deck

3 Decals $185

Real Deck

3 Decals $75

Full Boat

6 Decals $250

Custom or Singles

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Our Process

1. We Listen

You want to Stand out. We want to help, but first we want to fully know what your goals for your boat are including the sponsors.

2. We Guide

A boat wrap may sound simple, but its much more than that. We have matte, gloss, closed air channels, open air channels, non slip texture for starters. We’ll work with you on the best possible options for getting your boat to stand out.

3. We wrap

Within 24 hours of listening to your needs we send you a proposal. If we need modifications, we make them. If we get approval we start printing and make arrangements to get your boat wrapped at our new 25,000 sq. ft. facility. We call it the shed.


We can help you Stand Out. Lets talk.


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